Greetings from Kenya


World Tour – Cuba

Ever since President Obama eased the restrictions on US travel to Cuba we knew that we wanted to one day visit a country that many US travels have never experienced.  We wanted to experience the Cuban culture and see first hand what it was like.  When we got the opportunity to go with a fellow […]


World Tour – Ghana

The last stop on the first part of our tour was Accra, Ghana.  Ghana was a country that I had spent some time in already during a study abroad during my college years.  I had always wanted to go back – but this time with Reg and with a camera!  Unfortunately I dropped my camera […]


World Tour: South Africa

After our whirlwind tour of Europe we decided to head to Johannesburg, South Africa.  We had always been curious about South Africa and wanted to experience it for ourselves. We arrived at the airport and decided to stop in one of the restaurants to have some breakfast.  The Johannesburg airport was pretty nice (much nicer […]


World Tour: Santorini

Our last European stop was Santorini, Greece.  When we first started planning our world tour trip, I knew that Santorini was a MUST DO on the list.  From all of the photos I had seen of Santorini I knew this spot looked like the perfect spot for us to visit.  The most amazing scenic views, […]


World Tour: Italy

I’ve always seen photos of Venice and had visions of shooting near the gondolas.  Reg quickly nixed that idea and let me know that he had no plans of getting inside of a gondola.  LOL.  While searching around for things to see and do around Venice, I ran into one of the coolest places I […]


World Tour: Paris

What photographer hasn’t dreamt of shooting in Paris? The architecture, the shopping, pastries and more! We wanted to experience it all. Unfortunately our French skills were pretty much non-existent so we were a little worried about the language barrier for us there. We arrived at our AirBnB location and were excited about the view.  The […]


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