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Portrait FAQs

To better prepare for your session, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

Are prints included with the session fee?

Prints are not included with the session fee. The session fee covers up to two hours of time (two photographers), retouching of all proofs (typically 30-50 proofs), and your online proofing gallery.

Can I get the digital files with my order?
Yes, we sell our digital files as a collection (all of your high res proofs on a custom dvd with custom printed dvd case). The digital package is $750 and is considered one of our premium packages. Single digital files are sold for $30 each after a collection purchase. Low resolution/watermarked web images are included with each order over $100 and can be used for sharing on the web.


Why are your prints so much more than <insert random photography studio here>?

We are not your typical get-em-in-get-em-out type of studio. From the initial contact stage to well after the shoot, we take the time to get to know our clients and their personality so that we can tailor our photography experience to them. We scout out the best locations, consult on clothing options, and can even offer a customized consultation on how to best display your photos or come up with a special theme or concept for your shoot. We also retouch every single image that we show to our clients. We believe that doing all of those things helps us to capture you in a way that many of the shoot and go photography studios cannot. Our typical client is not rich by any means, but is one that saves up for custom photography the same way that they would save for a big screen television because they understand the importance of having someone capture them the way that they see themselves.


How many outfits can I bring?

We don’t place a limit on the number of outfits you can bring to your shoot, but we encourage our clients to try to keep outfit changes to around 2 outfits for a typical 2 hour session. Any more than that and we’re usually rushed for time and are not able to get all of the shots that we need. If you have more than two outfits, try switching out accessories (jewelry, scarves, hats, shoes, etc.) or just change tops instead.


Can I see all of my photos?

We strongly believe in showing only our greatest images to our clients. Our photos are a reflection of us and we want to show you the very best. We typically narrow it down to the top 30-50 images from your session. This is usually more than enough to cover all of the different looks from your session. We find that it also helps our clients in narrowing down their selections because too many images can sometimes be overwhelming.


What should we wear to our session?

We are fairly open about the clothing you choose to bring, but in general, we want you to wear something that you feel is a reflection of you. Your portrait session should look like you (on a very good day). There are a few things that we suggest you stay away from. We prefer that our families not dress alike. Everyone in your family has their own personality and we believe their clothing should reflect that. Try coordinating instead with colors/patterns that are complimentary. If you really want to have everyone in the same color we suggest at least having everyone in different styles for some variety (like this session). For kids, we believe in letting them have fun. Does your son have a pair of cowboy boots he can’t live without? Bring them! Daughter have some sparkly high tops and a tutu she loves? Let her wear it. You can always bring a more traditional outfit, but it’s fun to look back on them as they were in this particular moment. Also, don’t forget the details (nails, eyebrows, hair, etc.).


How long will it take to receive my proofs after the session?

Your proofs will be uploaded to an online proofing gallery two weeks after your session.


How long will it take to receive my print order?

Most orders typically arrive about two weeks after the order date. If you’re ordering canvas prints it can sometimes take from 3-4 weeks.


Can I have my session asap?

Please feel free to contact us regarding availability, but since we currently only shoot on weekends, we are typically booked at least a month in advance.


Do you offer packages or collections?

Yes, our collections start at $500 and provide the most value for our clients. They give considerable savings from the standard a la carte pricing. We offer payment plans for all collection purchases so that the purchase can be split over 2-3 payments. Contact us for more information about our collection pricing.


Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounted a la carte pricing with a collection purchase. We will also offer added incentives with some of our collections to offer additional savings. When booking multiple sessions at once (like maternity/newborn), we will offer a print credit that can be used towards your print order. We also offer $50 off of our standard session fee for clients booking multiple portrait sessions within the same year. Contact us for additional details.


I have someone you may be interested in shooting for your portfolio. Do you still do portfolio shoots?

We are always thinking of new ideas and concepts for our photography and are always looking for good models (all ages and ethnicities) for our portfolio. Since we are no longer portfolio building, we select the models we want to work with. To learn more about our 2011 modeling opportunities, please fill out our model call form here.


What are your print prices?

Our print prices start at $40 for all gift prints (8×10 and smaller). We also offer a variety of wall prints, gifts, canvas wraps, and collections. Please contact us for more information about print/collection pricing.


Could you shoot my birthday party, baby shower, sweet 16 party, etc.?

This year, we’ve decided to focus on the things we like most and the things that would help move our business forward. Therefore, we’ve decided that it was not in our best interest to do event photography. Instead, we will gladly do a shoot for photos that can be displayed at your child’s party or event (like cake smash sessions, and sweet 16 sessions). You’ll be able get many more creative photos than you’d ever be able to get from us attending your event anyway. :-)


Can I share my photos online?

Yes! We love when our clients share our photos online. Most of our business is through word of mouth so it always helps to have our clients spread the word for us. The only thing we ask is that you provide a link back to our website next to the images you display.


Can I print my photos?

If you have purchased a high resolution file or collection from us, you’re welcome to print them however you’d like. For clients that choose to print on their own, we recommend getting them printed via Mpix as it is the closest match to our own print vendor in quality.


Do you shoot weddings?

Yes, although portrait photography is our main focus we’ve started getting into weddings as well. Wedding collections start at $2000. You can view the wedding section of our portfolio for some of our favorite wedding images.


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