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// March 18 //

Atlanta Couples Photographer | Ashley & Nick

Ashley & Nick wanted to do a shoot to celebrate their new lives together. We wandered around the streets of Little 5 Points to capture some candids of this gorgeous couple. We could clearly feel their love and energy and their energy was contagious. We had a great time with these two and wish them […]

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// November 12 //

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Golden

Time is flying folks and the holidays are flying by. So lets slow things up a bit and enjoy our newborn shoot of baby Golden. He is just a small package of pure cuteness. We are excited about the new addition of Nadia and Golden Barnett who we had the pleasure of doing their maternity […]

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// October 12 //

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | McKenna

Little McKenna absolutely melted our hearts with the cutest, most pinchable cheeks we’ve ever seen. This little doll was awesome during her shoot and slept for us the entire time. We loved her! Look at that smile! And those curls! Adorable baby + dad in uniform=awesome! We loved her nursery! Fitting for a little princess. […]

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// October 1 //

Maternity Photographer Atlanta | Nadia & Golden

Hey CreativeSoul peeps! We’re in the thick of holiday season and have several cool sessions to share with you over the next few days. We’re starting off with an awesome maternity session with Nadia and Golden. It’s been a while since we’ve done a maternity session, so it was good to do one with these […]

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// August 23 //

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Xavier

We are definitely getting our newborn fix in with all of the new babies. We love it! Just a few months ago we did a maternity session with the Morris family, so we were excited to finally learn that they had a beautiful baby boy! We enjoyed going to their home to capture new life […]

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// July 25 //

Atlanta Baby Photographer | Christopher’s 1st Birthday

Meet Christopher. This adorable little guy is turning one very soon, so we had an opportunity to capture him in his “big boy” phase. Any time a kid comes in with a bow tie, he’s already winning some major points! Christopher loves mommy and daddy but is also starting to show his independence now that […]

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// June 28 //

Maternity Photographer Atlanta | Morris Family

I love doing maternity shoots, so we were excited to capture the second pregnancy of the Morris family. Their little arrival should be here in less than a month so we are patiently waiting to see whether it’s a boy or girl! I absolutely loved this maternity dress… Big brother Michael is anxiously waiting for […]

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// June 17 //

Dads that Rock!

We hear so much these days about deadbeat dads and those that aren’t doing their jobs. What about the rest of them? As photographers we get to see so many awesome guys out there who are doing a great job raising their families. They make incredible sacrifices and love, nurture, and teach on a daily […]

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// May 17 //

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Anais

Finally … My new niece has arrived! Anais took her sweet little time coming into this world. She was born 6 days late and ended up being a May baby like her auntie! She was definitely worth the wait though. We couldn’t get enough of this sweet little thing. Right now this little girl loves […]

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// April 21 //

Atlanta Photographer | Keeya & Dee

In love w/these two! This long distance couple decided to do a couples session to capture their time spent together. We had a blast capturing their story. The pic below is one of my favs.. These two had natural chemistry… love these stair shots! Dee really wanted to do some shots reading to his “boo” […]

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